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My name is Brennan and I was born in San Diego, California and currently live in two places. My family and I are Arizona residents and have a geodesic dome in Winslow, but we also have a house by the beach in San Diego, which we stay at half of the time. This house is very small, 500 square feet, and 5 of us share it. Because of this we have a tiny carbon footprint and spend nothing on heating and cooling.

I enjoy playing board games, especially chess, in which I have a official USCF rating of over 700. I also like doing karate in which I have a brown belt. I read lots of books about ten times faster then most people.

I have traveled with my family across the US many times, mostly going to Illinois and Missouri. I have also gone to India 4 times for several months each time.

I have been home-schooled all my life through a California charter school, and have also done multiple educational activities, the most prominent being playing the violin and karate.