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“Hello, I am a robot called ‘global saver <9912>’. I was hired to help you save the planet. Right now, I am going to tell you about how you can help save the planet without changing your diet. Even though being a vegetarian is not that bad. If offered with meat a vegetarian sometimes goes- mmmmmmmmm… NO! WAIT! That’s not what they say- sometimes my system randomly says stuff. It is a programming error.

Every day, a family uses tons of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are organic remains from long, long ago. They are covered in mud and rock and they make oil, gas, and coal and we use it for our energy. But that is the whole problem with global warming! Fossil fuels are non-renewable!

But not eating meat is not the only way to stop global warming- there are many other ways! First of all, you can do simple things like using energy efficient appliances, compact flourescent light bulbs and turning off lights. DON'T WASTE POWER!

You can help by recycling rather that throwing away trash too. Trees and forests are cut down all over the world, forcing animals to leave their homes. Some animals in the forests cannot live without them, and die. However, I do not want this to be a sad thing, so I will say this: Some of the animals are brought to zoos and such where they are kept safe.

A great way to not polute is to get a Prius. Have you ever seen those huge gas guzzling, polluting and slow cars!? The benefits of Prius’s are that they get great mileage, they don’t use too much gas, and they are fast. And robotly (personally), I think they look like ancient robots from ancient times.

A really good way to not use fossil fuels is to…calculating…. Us robots come with a hypothermoquadrilateral device that helps us calculate such stuff. We run on solar panels that give the hypothermoquadrilateral device power. Which is the way to not use fossil fuels. Yes. Solar panels. Solar panels use the suns renewable energy to make good, nice, energy for us.

Solar panels are not the only renewable energy though. You can use wind generators, or even wave generators if you live by the ocean! They are efficient and non-polluting because they run on the renewable energy of the good world.

Written By Nadya