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Hello, my name is Nadya. I am 11 years old, homeschooled in sixth grade, and was one of the original team members. My brother is Brennan, and my sister is Ciara. My main nicknames are Booga, Nana, and Noodle, but I have like fifty. My favorite food is bananas (but I like almost any food I try), my favorite color is purple, and my favorite pal is Ollie. Ollie is a webkinz pug and every week I make a newsletter about him. Ollie’s best friends are: Terri the terrier, Allorah the mouse and Honeydew the goldfish, and his awesome friend (kind of like a best friend) is Zero the tiger. He makes movies, writes books, and goes on adventures with them. They are all webkinz too, except Allorah who is a lil’kinz. I can never decide who my best friends are, so most of them are. I live by the beach and bay, and I like to tame the sea gulls and pigeons that live there. I do karate (I have a red belt) and play the violin, and I have for most of my life. I also live in a house in Arizona, which is very energy efficient. Between the two houses, I have a ton of stuffed animals. So many, I can't count them!